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Orbem distributes video over multiple platforms with highest quality
Orbem is an OTT solution for TV channels, cable operators or any company that needs to deliver video content to their users. It allows to manage and distribute videos to multiple platforms like SmartPhones, Tablets, Smart TVs, desktop and STB devices including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and more; to offer a TV like experience.



Live Streaming

"Live TV anytime, anywhere, on any device."

Encodes and distributes live signal, using multi-bitrate technology.
This technology allows changes to adapt video quality to bandwidth so that the end user video experience is satisfactory.

"7Days of programming always available."

Also known as "Catch-up TV". The DVR continuously records live programs, according to the program schedule of the channel and configured from our content management system (CMS). Recorded programming is presented in a simple, uncluttered and intuitive way for the end user.
The DVR allows users to view their favorite programming for more than seven days.

"Your entire video library in the cloud."

It allows the end user to view a library of videos, encoded in high quality, on any device. Whether a full seasons of your favorite TV Show or just a specific video.
It allows to manage a large collection of videos and group them by categories, seasons and episodes. We provide the solution for ingest, transcoding, online editing, storage, image management, and metadata distribution in high quality to any device.

"Manage your content on one simple interface."

Our solution gives you the freedom to control your programming and allows you to have total control of your content and manages the live signal, N-DVR and VOD.
Inserts programs, chapters, programming schedules, images, seasons, descriptions and group them into different categories of programs.

"Target and enhance your advertising, with our Advertising Management System."

Orbem has created a solution to monetize your investment through advertising. This web module simplifies the integration of advertising to be displayed on all platforms.

You can show your own advertising or can be integrated with different AdServer, Media Video Servers or other monetization systems. It can handle several campaigns at the same time, giving priority to campaigns, studying statistics, stopping and activating them at any time.

It manages various types of advertising such as banners, skin pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, sponsorships, smart banners and more.
Shows you reports and analytical guidelines hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, by program and by program group.

"Answer who, where and how, easily with our User Management System."

Can handle two kind of users:
Admin users: It allows to create users in the system, with different hierarchies of management and control. All in real time. Also includes a report log of activities and tasks.
End users: With our User Management System, you can implement a subscription service, either paid or free, using PPV, LIVE and VOD content, distinguished by territory.

"Full reports at your request."

Our services provide access to the analysis of Live, N -DVR and VOD in a convenient and fast way according to your requirements. Daily, weekly and monthly program reports are available that offers you an accurate rating system for your content.
Designed and constantly optimized for the needs of a television channel and aimed to improving monetization.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

"The fastest Content Delivery Network, that never turns off."

Orbem, working with the best Content Delivery Network suppliers, offers the highest quality video distribution at a low cost.
Orbem has the ability to connect with any CDN supplier.

CSM (Content Security Management)

"Pinpoint your audience safely and securely."

We understand the value of your content and the limitations of your distribution rights.
With our Geoblocking and DRM solutions, content is distributed safely worldwide and only in regions that you selected.


"There is an App for every device, let yours be the right one."

Our goal is to ensure that your content has the appropriate application on any device.
Orbem supplies applications developed in native language for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Smart TV.
Currently Smart TVs offer tons of content, rivaling closely with the best cable operators. We have the knowledge and technology to turn your brand into a digital channel for Smart TVs or set-top boxes.
This provides comfort to their clients to enjoy contents without being on a computer, anytime, anywhere.

Smart tools to empower your OTT

Online Editor

Create your VOD files from your live stream. Record, edit and share them in seconds.

Second Screen

Orbem provides you with applications that complement the TV screen through user interaction. Engage with your audience and get them involved.



We monitor your system 7 days a week (24/7).

Contact Us



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Av. Manuel Olguín 211, Piso 7, Oficina 703, Santiago de Surco
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